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3D Pool

This was one of the games under development for Firebird when MicroProse bought the label and its IPs. However, they chose not to continue with the intended tie-in license with pool player 'Maltese' Joe Barbera, perhaps feeling that he was not well-known enough (pool is not a big spectator sport in the UK, with snooker much more popular).

3D Pool

Popular design software like Pool Studio does not include brand specific swimming pool equipment in their 3D model library and in most cases showing your customer the accurate representation of what their pool equipment pad is going to look like can be as important as the pool itself, this is especially true if the equipment pad is located within an enclosure.

Four clicks to a custom pool. Customize the depth, see the color of the water change with the time of day, suit the interior finish to the client, and complement their complete landscape design in just four simple clicks. Personalizing the pool is easy: color-changing lights, sheer descents, deck jets, vanishing edges, and more are ready for you, all easy to add to your built-in Swimming Pool Template Library.

Not every pool designer can present you with a 3D design. We believe that 3D designs are the best way to visualize your pool before construction starts. With over 20 years of experience, Pepper Tregre has a long history of designing unique pools for our clients. His expertise makes sure that your pool will not only suit your backyard space, but will be the best fit for your lifestyle. Seeing a 3D rendering of your pool or spa helps you to see the final result before digging begins. You can work with us to design the perfect pool before deciding on installation.

The signature Green Turtle Pool Tile with shadow gives the illusion that the figure is actually hovering near the bottom of your swimming pool. 3D Pool Tile mosaic turtles are very easy to install.

Tile Turtle mosaic Drop Ins from 3D Pool Tile! Everybody loves the turtle tiles! 3D Pool Tile turtle tile mosaics are peaceful and unintimidating, providing smiles the minute the swimmer places the turtle tile in the pool. The turtle tiles are crowd pleasers.

The end-to-end architecture includes five rooftop Barco HDQ-2K40 40,000 lumen projectors positioned 320 feet in the air to project visual content onto the pool, along with two 20,000 lumen projectors at ground level to project visuals onto adjacent rock formations. The workflow starts with a 40004000 content file for the pool map and a 38401080 file for the rock formations. A Mac Pro running PVP2 at each location slices the 40004000 file into five separate 19201080 feeds with mild overlap. The fluid pool reflections and surrounding ambience add an element of reality to the custom 3D mapping projections.

The master system on the roof is connected to the second rock projection system 31 stories below via a fiber-optic connection, with all content triggered simultaneously from both PVP2 servers. As each show begins, PVP2 triggers a contact closure relay to change the sound system from the standard background music service to the PVP2 audio feed. A third Mac Pro system outfitted with PVP2 supports a hotel broadcast on Channel 37, with viewers able to enjoy a live cut of the pool projections at the moment the light show music begins.

Select the Plan > Add level menu item to add a new level to your home. Then select the Plan > Modify level menu item in order to make this new level become an underground level. Enter pool depth in Elevation text field, and change its name. You don't have to change the thickness and the height. Don't worry if there is no visual effect in the 3D view when you close the dialog box.

Now you have to draw the walls in the underground level. You may draw a simple rectangular shape for a basic pool, but you can also draw a round shape, using round walls. To do that, draw a quadrilateral shape with points that will placed at key points of the pool, then modify the arc extent of each wall to get the round shape of the pool. To get a bean shape, you'll probably have to make more than one modification, but after a while you should success. Keep in mind to disable magnetism while you move the end points of the round walls, otherwise the magnetism behavior might prevent you from placing the point where you want.

Once done, select all the walls and choose the menu item Plan > Modify walls. Change the height of the walls with a value equal to the depth of the pool plus the height of its edge. Change their thickness with a value equal to the width of the pool edge. Finally, set also the color of the wall top in the 3D view to match the color of the top of the edge.

Finally, select the room creation tool and add a room by double-clicking in the center of your pool. Modify this new room to change the color or texture of the bottom of the pool and its wall sides (the texture used here comes from this SH3T library). Unselect also the Display ceiling check box.

You may add a slope, or skip this step if you don't want to. First, download the 3D model of a triangle here and import it in the plan: select the Furniture > Import furniture menu item, choose the downloaded file and finish the importation. Place the triangle in the pool and change its width and its height to get a shape matching the slope you want. If you've drawn a round pool, the triangle will probably go beyond the pool edge and make undesired holes outside the pool, as shown in the following screen capture. To hide these holes, draw a room at the ground level around the pool. As the screen capture shows, this room shouldn't intersect with the pool surface, otherwise it will hide the bottom of the pool. To achieve this kind of drawing, draw two rooms one beside the other or if you choose the option to draw only one room, draw the points on the pool edge in the reverse order of the points outside the pool.

The final step consists in adding water to the pool. While the ground level is selected, double-click in the middle of the pool to create a room in it. Then, change the texture of this new room to a water texture (the one used here comes from the same SH3T library as the texture of the pool bottom) and unselect its Display ceiling check box.As the screen captures below shows, the water looks correct in the pool but isn't transparent. If you want it to be transparent, click on the 3D view > Change 3D view menu item and change the walls transparency. The transparency you set will be applied to room floors only if their elevation is greater than 0. As the room you created is at elevation 0, it will be transparent only if you elevate the ground level a little. Thus, temporarily change the ground elevation, by double-clicking on its tab above the plan and set the elevation to 0.1.

If you're interested, the home file created in this tip is available in the file SwimmingPool.sh3d (3.5 MB - designed by eTeks and distributed under CC-BY license). If you want to reuse the swimming pool in an other home, you may also import also its 3D model from the file

These are great tips to help homeowners design their own pool! This will certainly help homeowners and pool contractors meet eye to eye when it comes to pool design. There will be no confusion whatsoever on what the buyer wants for their pool.

Oh my word, I'd forgotten about Sharkey's 3D Pool. What a grand old game. Apparently it was quite technically impressive for its time, as one of the very first 3D pool or snooker games. I wouldn't have known anything about that as an eight-year-old playing games after school. Much like I knew absolutely nothing about how to play pool well. I mainly just liked the noise it made when a ball was potted. Whether it was my ball or my opponent's ball: that was just extraneous detail.

One name that seemed by contrast to be extremely ordinary was Jac Derida. And only now, looking back, do I realise that this name is presumably a reference to Jacques Derrida, a philosopher and academic whose indecipherable works I studied at university. What the fuck is he doing in Sharkey's 3D Pool? The master of post-structuralist deconstruction, Différance, and phallogocentrism, shooting pool in Sharkey's club? Am I missing something here? Is this like Lost? Are all these names actually obscure references to famous thinkers? Is Wild-Shot Willy some world-famous theologian I've never heard about?

[1] 3D POOL was originally planned by Firebird to be a full-blown licensed game entitled MALTESE JOE'S 3D POOL, with an official endorsement by then-British and European pool champion 'Maltese' Joe Barbara (pictured in the intro sequence HERE and HERE). When MicroProse bought Firebird as part of the Telecomsoft software stable in May 1989, however, the decision was made to shorten the name to 3D POOL and not plaster Joe Barbara's endorsement of the game all over the packaging. Even so, Barbara's name remained in the game itself and he was briefly mentioned on the back of the game box of the original releases (see HERE and HERE).[2] Game design/coding by Nick Pelling (Orlando M. Pilchard).[3] Budget Publisher: Kixx budget release No. 1 in the dual/tri-format Amiga/PC/ST game series.[4] Only the Firebird and budget Mirror Image UK releases of 3D POOL contain the intro animation of 'Maltese' Joe Barbara potting a ball (see screenshots HERE and HERE). In contrast, Microplay's U.S. release contains an unrelated loading picture instead.[5] The U.S. release of 3D POOL released by MicroPlay was marketed/distributed by Medalist International.TRIVIA: [1] 3D POOL was coder Nick Pelling's first 16-bit game, initially completing the Atari ST conversion before porting it over to the Amiga. [Source: The Bird Sanctuary] [2] A delightfully jovial hidden message from coder Nick Pelling (Orlando) is embedded in the game's main exec file and reads as follows:'Maltese Joe plays 3D-Pool. Designed & Programmed by Orlando (lucky geezer, eh?) ...I know this should be a scrolling message, but, well, times are hard. Please don't pirate this game - my last three games bombed out and I'm on the breadline, paying off debts. "Millionaire whizz coder prangs Porsche" - HA! ... no chance of that! I don't even own a pushbike, let alone a car. This is my first 16-bit game: if you rip it off, it'll be my last. For what it's worth though, I hope you really enjoy the game - I've been working on it for a year now, and I still love it. Before I disappear, some quick 'thank you's.... Thanks to Colin Fuidge, and Joe 'Big Q' Bonar for all their support and encouragement during gestation (I s'pose)... Also, ta Gary Liddon for his 'specialist' knowledge (without him the world would be an emptier place). Generally, thanks to all at TelecomSoft (as was) - it's the end of an era, folks. Thanks to MicroProse - let's take it from here. Biggest thanks goes to a certain small furry animal. (((I'll see you later))) Many thanks to all the people who shelled out money for this - you're the people this is really for. Stop reading this! go back and play the game!! There is no cheat-mode!! * MESSAGE ENDS * '[Source: Carlos Ace, via message posted on EAB] 041b061a72


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