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Download Shrimant Damodar Pant Movie from Kickass 35 and Enjoy the Laughter

hindi movies are always a big hit when they come out and this one is no exception. shrimant damodar pant is not a new star, but he is certainly making a name for himself in bollywood. the film is a remake of the telugu movie subramanyam pushpam, which was released in the year 2009.

Shrimant Damodar Pant Movie Download Kickass 35

shrimant damodar pant is a jeweler by profession and works in an office where his boss is none other than the evil and wicked laxmi. he and laxmi form an evil bond and together they try to rule over the city. when laxmis husband falls in love with his secretary, laxmi tries to throw laxmi into trouble. she gets her husbands favorite jeweler framed for stealing precious gems and this is the point where the trouble starts. the story goes on to describe the evils of laxmi and how she uses her husband to get her way. the director tries to pull off some pretty amazing acts and a lot of twists are included.

the story starts with a silver lining of a good news. the chief of the city anands son-in-law has died. the chief proposes to anand to get married with his daughter-in-law, laxmi, who would be the chiefs daughter. anand is pleased with the proposal and agrees to get the daughter-in-law married to his son. but anand does not say anything about his son-in-laws death. the son-in-law is a jeweler and works for the chief. the son-in-laws name is shrimant damodar pant.

shrimant damodar pant is a very good gem setter. he is a goldsmith and does not have any problems with the chief. he is also good friends with the chiefs daughter-in-law. one day the chief falls in love with his secretary and he asks her to come to his house and meet him. they start living together but the secretary starts to feel that he is being watched by the chief.


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