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[S4E21] Mother

Donovan's mother seems like such a sweetheart, and it's good to know that she didn't even approve of her son being such a jerk to Harper, especially when keeping their daughter away from her on Mother's Day.

[S4E21] Mother

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It's an absence of mothers in this series, and others, like Chen, have "mommy issues." We could use some of that familial energy. It would have even been sweet, albeit weird if Donovan's mother stuck around more and helped Harper through this pregnancy.

They handled their informant well enough, especially when the gangs came after him and his mother. And it's a testament of a mother's love that she chose to go into WITSEC with her son after all of that.

Lilly and the squad take on their oldest case yet, when they're asked to look into the case of a young woman who was killed in her parents' home in 1919. They discover she'd become involved in the suffragettes' movement, campaigning for votes for women, which put her at odds with the rest of her family. Meanwhile, Lilly finds out that her mother's latest marriage has failed and she's resumed drinking.

Present Day - One morning, a student named Emma Stone drops by at the homicide team's office looking for Det. Rush. Emma shakes her hand when she finally meets her, saying that her professor, Janice Warner, told them that Det. Rush was the only female homicide detective in the whole East Philly, much to Det. Vera's surprise (and slight dismay). However, Rush corrects that she's not the only female homicide detective now; Miller approaches them and Rush also introduces her to Emma. Emma wants Rush to solve the murder case of her great-great-aunt Frances, having brought some of the archived files of the Stone family from her deceased Grandmother Stone. The detectives are overwhelmed about the Stone family's inheritance, but Emma reveals that all of those things were gone. However, she found a special letter inside a locket and gives to Rush. The letter is addressed to Phil, an unknown guy, and the detectives believe that something was going on between Phil and Frances because the letter mentions that no one must find out their secret, or else they will be in big trouble. Rush at first has doubts on solving this old case since no solid evidence was presented and there's no other connections to prove it, especially the probable suspects were also long gone (as Vera stated) and might possibly lead to the case remaining unsolved. But Emma is determined to know what was really happened in the past since before her Granny Stone died, it haunted the woman. Emma is doing this for her grandmother's sake to finally help her move on. Rush accepts the job and tells her team that they'll be solving their oldest yet. Vera mentions it's a record-breaker case since the crime took place 88 years ago. Miller asks Rush, "What are they waiting for?" Rush replies, "Let's break the ice then."

Flashback - At a garden party, Lawrence presents Frances with the locket, and she likes it. He then pulls out the ring, asking Frances to marry him. Frances is a loss for words, and Lawrence encourages her to say yes. Frances says she's not sure if she wants to be a wife and mother, instead wanting to write and be able to travel the world. Lawrence says she should be happy, and that her father already gave his blessing. Frances realizes her opinion doesn't matter. Just then, the maid comes, saying both their parents are asking if they have any news to share. Frances then says yes, and accepts Lawrence's proposal. A photographer takes the picture for the newspaper.

Back to Present - Lilly notices that the maid's name is listed as Phillippa Abruzzi, AKA Phil. That's who Frances' letter was addressed to. There was clearly a big secret that Frances and Phil were keeping. Lilly gets a call at that moment, and tells Stillman she needs to leave. She goes to jail, where her mother is being held. She's drunk, and tells Lilly to go away, not wanting her to see Ellen like that. Lilly says that it's not the first time. Ellen says her husband left her 5 months ago. Lilly gets a squad car to drop Ellen off, saying she'll come by later. Ellen walks off with the officer, saying "don't bother." Back at the station, Jeffries and Miller talk to Audrey Abruzzi, Phillippa's daughter, who's happy to be going out somewhere. They ask her about her mother's relationship with the family, especially Frances. Audrey reveals that they were like sisters, and Frances taught her mother to read, something uncommon for women at the time. The detectives ask if it's possible that they could've been lovers, but Audrey denies that they were. When Miller mentions the note, Audrey says they did share a secret, but it wasn't sexual.

Flashback - Audrey plays in the kitchen with her mother. Frances comes in, and Audrey asks if she'll read her a book later. Frances agrees, but asks to speak to Phil first. Audrey asks if it's about her black eye, and says her daddy gave it to Phil. Phil then tells her to go upstairs. Audrey leaves, but watches from the doorway as Frances asks if Phil's husband really did hit her. She admits he did, because he caught her reading the suffragette pamphlet. Frances tells Phil about her earlier encounter with them, and both marvel at the women's refusal to back down. Frances says they should go to a meeting, but Phil is afraid of her husband catching her. Frances says if he comes to the meeting, the suffragettes will "string him up." Phil says that women should have the right to vote so they can pass laws to punish men for beating their wives, and Frances says that Audrey could become a lawyer someday, putting those "jackasses" away.

Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, has a return visit for Christmas and Leonard didn't tell her he was going out with Penny. Leonard is surprised when she comes because she told Sheldon something she didn't tell Leonard (like she didn't tell him Mitzy, his dog died). Then Beverly gets drunk and kisses Sheldon on the lips.

A visit from Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter (Christine Baranski), delights Sheldon and horrifies Leonard. Penny is upset because Leonard didn't mention his mother's visit to her, but that is nothing compared to when Leonard learns that Sheldon knows more about his own mother than Leonard does: Leonard learns about his parents' pending divorce, his mother's surgery, and his dog Mitzy's death all after Sheldon has known.

Beverly questions Howard and Raj about their "ersatz homosexual relationship" (alluding to her last visit in "The Maternal Capacitance") and Howard tries to tell Leonard's mother that he has a girlfriend, but she doesn't seem to believe him. He asks Leonard to tell his mother, but Leonard responds, "I have no idea what you're talking about", but Leonard tells her Howard has a girlfriend after Howard makes him since Leonard knows and Howard scoffed at Leonard not knowing what's Howard's talking about.

When they get back to the apartment, a drunk Beverly scolds Leonard for not telling her that he is in a relationship with Penny. Leonard then confronts her about not telling him about her surgery, her divorce and his dog's death and he wants a closer mother and son relationship, so Beverly hugs him. After Leonard is gone, Beverly kisses Sheldon much to Penny's horror. Afterwards, she says that she would rather have the busboy.

The next morning, Lwaxana and Odo are playing a game of hide and seek. Odo takes on the shape of an object in the room, and Lwaxana tries to guess what or where he is. Their fun is cut short when Odo is informed by one of his deputies that Jeyal, Lwaxana's husband, has arrived on the station. Odo has Jeyal brought to his security office where he informs him that Lwaxana has no intentions of giving up her child to him. Odo then reveals a loophole in Tavnian law which states the male child is the property of the mother's husband and not the child's father. When Lwaxana has her baby, Jeyal will no longer be her husband because Odo plans to marry Lwaxana in a legal Tavnian ceremony. This will end her marriage to Jeyal and allow her to keep the baby. Odo and Lwaxana will remain married for a few months to satisfy Tavnian law and then get an annulment. The only problem is that Odo will have to convince Jeyal that he really wants to marry Lwaxana for the marriage to be valid.

"Someone once said, 'Life is a search to find the peace that you once had when you were safe inside your mother.'" "I didn't have a mother." "Don't worry, it's alright. You'll find your peace."

At The Waldorf's, Eleanor and Cyrus have returned from Paris to throw Blair and Louis an engagement party. While visiting, Eleanor shares that she's a judge for Vitamin Water's design competition to help launch a young designer's career. Serena comes downstairs, heading out to spend the day with Lily. Eleanor asks if she'll be back in time for the party, but Blair chimes in that she wants to stay engaged and hopes Serena won't make it. Offended, Serena leaves. Meanwhile, Jack arrives and meets with Raina. She explains to Jack that she recently found out her mother is dead and wants the revenge her father didn't get. Jack asks what he gets in return for helping, and Raina promises him the reins of Bass Industries. Nate then arrives, surprised to see the two together. Jack leaves, while telling Raine he would be in touch. At the VDW's, Rufus reminds Charlie about a prescription she needed to pick up, and that Carol explained that the last time she was happy she stopped taking the pills. Charlie replies that she never wants what happened last time to happen again and tells Rufus not to worry.

At the engagement party, Blair is worried that she can't reach Louis and that she hasn't been able to bond with Sophie due to Cyrus chatting her up. She goes over with Eleanor, and Sophie informs Blair that Cyrus convinced her that she is in fact a good person and since she makes Louis happy, she's decided to let them have their first formal appearance as a couple that evening. She tells Blair of her blackmailing ways, and Blair replies that it feels like their family already. Blair then notices Louis standing in the background and asks if he heard the good news, which he did. Cyrus then raises a toast to the couple and when it's over, Louis tells Blair they need to talk. At the construction site, Jack arrives and begins to taunt a drunk and stumbling Chuck, mentioning his mother and Blair leaving him. The two fight, and Nate jumps in. Jack brings out staff from an institution who escort Chuck out of the building. On Chuck's way out, Jack takes his key to The Empire and leaves it on the table for Russell, who was watching the whole scene play out from above. 041b061a72


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