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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

[S1E15] Day Of The Great Devourer [PATCHED]

"Last we left off, the party had been traveling into the dwarven city of Kraghammer at the behest of the arcanist Allura Vysoren in search of a halfling paladin, a very revered folk hero, named Lady Kima of Vord. She had gone missing following a vision quest, somewhere beneath the city, supposedly for some great evil that was germinating there, festering and growing.

[S1E15] Day of the Great Devourer

"After [Vox Machina] traversed through the dwarven city, [they] began to find [their] way down into the mithral mines of Greyspine beneath the dwarven town. After a few fateful encounters, the return of [their] gnome cleric, Grog having his proverbial brains temporarily blown out by an intellect devourer, the party then decided to make friends with a mind flayer, an illithid that had been cast out from its people seeking vengeance and possible return to its people.

Vax unlocks the second door and, as he pushes it open, a large, fast-moving blade descends towards his head. Vax dodges most of the damage, and the blade embeds itself in the door. A scarred duergar in a black leather tunic with a hood pulls the great axe back with a grin.

Kima convinces Vox Machina to help her retrieve her belongings, and they begin heading up to the vault. Grog throws her a greatsword, which she catches easily despite her diminutive stature. Before they leave, Vex tells the remaining dwarves in the cells about the secret exit. 041b061a72


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