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RapeLay Game FULL (English Version) _HOT_

I find it hard to believe there are no other profitable marketing ideas left other than a how-to guide to becoming a misogynistic monster. CNN recently reported on this game and the fact that Amazon Marketplace, a Web site that allows for third-party selling of items, recently stopped offering the game for purchase in Britain a full two years after its release. It took Amazon, CNN and the U.S. that long to catch on.

RapeLay Game FULL (English version)

In a land far, far away, we played fun-for-the-whole-family video games, such as Pac Man and Super Mario Brothers. However, these days stealing cars, stabbing people, and finding prostitutes to "up your strength" is not nearly entertaining enough. Thus, for some audiences games like Grand Theft Auto seem to be commonplace and woefully out-dated. Logically, to hold a gamer's attention and interest, game creators must seriously up the ante. Among those raising the stakes, is Illusion Software, a company based in Yokohama, Japan. Developing and distributing three-dimensional sexual games such as Artificial Girl, Battle Raper, Illusion is the force behind the now controversial game RapeLay.

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On Monday night, I tried my best to look like a respectable member of society and popped along the Houses of Parliament to attend Labour MP Tom Watson's discussion about the place and perception of videogames in UK society. A gathering of politicians, educators, games industry folk and random interested onlookers (hullo!), it was a fascinating few hours. Given the knee-jerk hullabaloo we're so used to from mainstream media coverage of games, it was surprising to the point of surreality to be amidst politicians, hearing discussion of the form on the sort of level we have, say, here. Obviously, games have some distance to go to obtain to achieve full societal acceptance - even though that has clearly little-to-no effect on the ever-escalating success of the bigger titles - but that this kind of discussion is at least happening is a cheering sign.Lead brains in the discussion were Watson himself (though he was clearly pro-games, he was more an MC than active participant); journalist, author and World of Warcraft gonk Tom Chatfield, one half of the legendary Oliver twins (creators of Dizzy, now running Blitz Games), Philip, and Guardian columnist Sam Leith. While the Tory's Shadow Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey showed up late in proceedings, sadly the debate lacked anyone who seemed especially concerned that there might be negative moral and social implications to gaming. Don't get me wrong - I'm enormously glad to hear politicians being rational and positive about the industry, but given the opportunity of the event, it's a little disappointing that it seemed to be a matter of preaching to the converted.

While it would be beyond joyous to see Kieth Vaz engage in some real debate on the matter, I'm sure he's fully aware that to genuinely discuss rather than simply accuse would only reveal his massive ignorance about that which he so often attacks. The constituents wouldn't like that. But I had hoped we'd at least see some lower-profile but similarly intractable Games Are Killing Our Children types see how their damning opinions held up in the face of a room full of intelligent, clearly non-psychotic adults who play videogames. Never mind: we did at least enjoy some eloquent discussion as to what games are, and what they mean. Even if everyone was on the same side, it was a valuable opportunity to focus their arguments.

Chatfield, author of Fun Inc., kicked off with the addiction issue, immediately making the point that "people talk about addiction rather than compulsion." That's the key fallacy in any argument as to whether games are unhealthy - playing them does not create a chemical dependency. "It's simply wrong to say that games exert power over people. The power comes from the investment people are willing to make in an imagined world." Also referenced was the relationship videogames have to "a very old form of games", and even to the novel - a source of escapism, of being plunged temporarily into an imagined world rather than paying full attention to the outside one, but one that doesn't suffer the abuse games do.

Still, he rightly pointed out that those outside the industry tend to perceive games wrongly - lumping everything together, instead of seeing the huge differences between genres. "WoW has nothing to do with Wii Tennis, Halo has nothing to do with Spore." But, to many outsiders and critics, a game is a game is a game. Now's the time, he felt, for the industry and gamers to refine their defence against their accusers, moving on from the outspoken outrage and flamboyancy of the last couple of decades. We've fought loudly for attention, for the right to exist, and now we've got it - because games really have moved into the mainstream now - we need to do it artfully.

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