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Hermann Romanov
Hermann Romanov

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With Yusuke's help, Yashiro and Neko make their way to the airport, where Yusuke comes to them with a delivery that had arrived for Yashiro from the Lost Soulders. Back at the Lost Soulders, Ashinaka and the Karasumaru team are engaged in combat with a large group of Akimichi. One of these Akimichi sends a black mass from its mouth and stretches it into a large tentacle.

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At the safe house, Yashiro reveals the information he obtained from his investigation to Yusuke and Haruru, and they discuss it. Yusuke and Haruru are not completely convinced that he was there that day, as he could have created a fake account on that day, but Yashiro states his belief that he was at the time of the shooting. [13]

Eventually, Kusanagi and the other Silver Clan members attack a patrol of Red Clan members, while Yashiro and the other Gold Clan members go the other way to meet up with Kuroh. While rushing for the meeting point, Yashiro and the others encounter the mysterious entity.

As soon as the Red Clan leader is dead, the other leader of the Red Clan attacks him. He realizes that Neko can create a fire ball, but Kusanagi is unable to. Due to the attack of the leader and her partner, Kusanagi loses her mana. Yashiro tries to cover her with his arm, but he could not protect her. [10]

Neko, with no help from Kusanagi, was able to block the fire ball that was flung at him. In the ensuing fight, Kusanagi and Neko are defeated. Afterwards, Yashiro sends Kuroh to follow the Katanagiku's tail and arrest them, but the two were able to escape.


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