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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

[S9E7] Dead Of Winter

Benjamin and Ramirez kill people in L.A. and Benjamin gives a old woman a newspaper with Ramirez's face and she screams and Ramirez is beaten and arrested and Benjamin drives past him tired of being his side kick. Benjamin moves to Alaska and gets married and has a kid, living under the name "Donald". He has a great job at Videoshack. One night, he eats dinner and watches TV with his wife when Redwood pops up and he watches it instead of changing the channel. One day, Benjamin comes home from work to find Lorraine's dead body and a note from Ramirez. Benjamin takes Bobby to Lizzie's house where he says goodbye. Benjamin goes to Redwood.

[S9E7] Dead of Winter

The Kingdom group had to content with a variety of walkers dreamed up by the typically creative team, let off the leash in brand new conditions to conjure up frosty zombies. They certainly brought a frisson of danger to the journey and some stylish undead folk. One of whom even thought to dress warm. Smart!

Black Canary is one of the best fighters in DC. She has been trained by the likes of Lady Shiva, Wildcat, and Wonder Woman and is proficient in boxing, judo, Muay Thai, and hapkido. Couple the above with her deadly Canary Cry and Black Canary is nearly as difficult to kill as she is to hit.

What would a TV show about the zombie apocalypse be without a few scares here and there? Inspired by the classic films of George A. Romero (the grandfather of the modern undead genre), AMC's The Walking Dead has always struck a nice balance between terrors both living and dead. 041b061a72


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