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Laura Ingraham Nude 19

Eight women told the Washington Post that veteran newsman Charlie Rose engaged in a variety of unwanted sexual ways, including groping, making unwanted sexual advances and walking in front of them nude.

Laura Ingraham Nude 19


All highs eventually fade, and The Last Laugh quickly returns to its noxious mix of sweet and sour. A cancer diagnosis is hidden until an ineffective and inept dramatic reveal. Almost everyone finds Buddy's sixth-rate Don Rickles act endearing and hilarious, which nullifies any dramatic tension. And the film concludes with Chase proudly posing nude, his nethers hidden from view by a hunk of sculpting clay. Be grateful for small mercies.

This coin type carries the liberty cap through the centuries, for in 1552, Henry II of France employed it for a medal after his victory over Charles V of Germany, to promote the idea of himself as a liberator, the cap between the daggers transformed into a tall-crowned, narrow-brimmed Renaissance model.11 In another allegorical representation, Liberty, unusual in being represented nearly nude, holds the cap, here again the tall-crowned Renaissance model, on a medal commemorating the Treaty of Brussels of 1577 between don Juan of Austria and the Estates General of the Netherlands (fig. 5).12

Gerand van Loon, Histoire métallique des XVII Provinces des Pays-Bas, 1 (The Hague, 1732), p. 230.1 am grateful to Robert Ernst for knowledge of this medal. The nudity suggests a conflation with the allegorical idea of Truth, often shown nude in this period; the palm branch and sword she holds, in place of her customary staff, relate the figure to the idea of Victory.

As a result of his academic training, Flanagan first executed this figure in the nude. He later chose to cast this study separately and entitled it The Delver, (illustrated above, p. 110, fig. 3). In an interview with DeWitt M. Lockman, the sculptor stated that he always used models as much as possible for his medals.11

A letter from Saint-Gaudens to Fraser, dated November 11, 1904, tells Fraser that he has been selected unanimously by the jury of the National Sculpture Society to do a medal of Edison.3 Saint-Gaudens asks the younger man to make four or five sketches "showing modifications of your present idea, or of new ones that may occur," and concludes by writing "I congratulate you and feel very happy about it myself as I know you will do a good thing." A reverse side bronze casting of one of these sketches is in the collection of the Albright Knox Art Gallery. It shows a crouching male nude figure in profile, facing left, with hair reaching to his shoulders. He holds up a light bulb, and is cleverly curled to echo the tondo. The signature "Fraser" is incised under the figure. The modeling is loosely handled yet clearly shows the muscular structure.

The Gold Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters was a commission of 1915 (fig. 4). Here again Fraser used the Pegasus as the icon of the reverse. In this version, the horse rears above the clouds from rim to rim toward the upper left; the right front hoof intruding over the lettering. The relief is quite low and flat. The obverse has a classically-described male nude seated on artfully-stepped boulders. He holds a lyre on his left, the right arm rests atop the boulders. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND LETTERS appears 4


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