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- Keen eye! Spotted >10 major HAZMAT discrepancies; 100% EPA/QA pass rate--over $700K in EPA fines prevented- Keen eye--detected bird strike damage on nose radome--replaced radome--HHQ deployment met without delay - Keen eye--discovered multiple bird strikes--coor'd structural repair--cornerstone to assigned acft's 94 sorties - Keen eye; ID'd nose wheel steering unit cannon plug broken just prior to taxi--avoided definite CAT I mishap - Keen eye; ID'd station 2 weapon rack cannon plug detached just prior to taxi--avoided certain CAT I mishap - Keen eye; identified unsecured engine oil cap during launch proceedure--averted sortie loss/engine catastrophe - Keen eye; located missing MLG wheel assembly keyway/averted impoundment process--saved >28 man hours - Keen eye; recognized unsafe aircraft jack during service inspection--actions averted personnel/aircraft hazard - Keen inspector; ID'd cracked MLG uplock switch/coordinated repairs--adverted catastrophic gear malfunction - Key ADCC on sqd's trainer acft; launched 139 sorties/649 flt hrs--attributed to wg's 82.5% MC rate promote - Key contributor winning Grover Loening Trophy! 20 Bus Efforts, 16 Coronets, PACAF support, Global Thunder - Key member during wartime efforts--driving force behind 55th Wing receiving the AF Meritorious Unit Award - Key OIF/OEF asset; sustained six acft for GWOT msns--attributed to 24.4K flt hrs/98% msn effectiveness rate - Key ORI member essential to flight contribution of sortie generation--efforts vital to 4 FW "Excellent" rating - Key player during 2012 LCAP visit; rcvd two quality verification insps--contributed to sq "Outstanding" rating- Key player in CORE; helped installation of 18 a/c chutes/canisters--garnered 1st CORI pass from ACC/IG - Key player; deployed in support of Operations IRAQI/ENDURING FREEDOM--8K successful combat sorties - Key to '11 AFGSC LCAP success; id'd two lbs FO during F/L FOD walk--cemented 2 MXS "Excellent" rating - Key to 4-month average 97% in-commission rate; directly contributed to 8,000 aircraft combat sorties flown - Key to AGE ready line reorganization during AEF deployment; increased equipment storage capability by 40% - Key to success of ORI reliability checks; 167 sorties flown; direct impact on wing's overall "Excellent" rating - Knowledgeable mechanic; replaced hydraulic test stand diesel engine--no defects noted during final inspection - Knowledgeable technician; executed superb performance in support of OEF/OIF--streamlined daily efficiency - Knowledgeable/reliable; was hand picked to work at the BITC due to low manning--ensured base msn success

- Pacesetter; co-authored AGE parking plan; decreased ramp parking/increased availability--promote to SMSgt! - Participated in hangar prep for SECDEF; assembled stage/vacuumed floor grates--lauded by 2 BW leadership - Participated in JIDS; reviewed 919 tasks/deleted 19/revised 16/added 3 tasks--simplified 2A5X1 core tasks - Participated in mustache march; exemplified dedication, effectively excluded wmn--increased "Esprit De Corps"- Participated in Operation Nightlight; performed security for $26.8M project/75 personnel--sustained FOL msn - Participated in Phase II exercises; trained Airmen on post attack reconnaissance in preparation for 4 FW ORI - Passed 4/4 QA inspection w/ zero defects; spt'd SQ's 92% QA pass rate--pivotal to 552 ACW to earn AFOUA- Passed two no-notice QA assessments; performed w/o fault--contributed to unit's superb 98% pass rate Jan '07 - Passed two on the spot QA assessments; performed w/o discrepancy--contributed to superb unit 98% pass rate Jan '16- Patriotic, selfless Airman; volunteered five times to set up BAFB avenue of flags--bolstered community spirit - Patriotic; supported successful 21-ship F15-E fly-by--efforts paid respect to former President Gerald R. Ford - Performed 10 B-52 phase insps; contributed to 19.5K mx actions/returned 4.5K hrs--sq won '11 AFGSC MEA - Performed 100 meticulous 7-level inspections; 100% Quality Assurance pass rate--provided quality AGE units - Performed 150+ AGE inspections in 4 months--key to flight's 94% average equipment in-commission rate - Performed 168 7-level eqpmt insps; achieved 92% overall readiness rate--enabled 1,558 AMC/jt partner msns- Performed 200 EOR insps; corrected 19 discrepancies/averted six GACs--spt'd sqs' 5% Apr '18 AR/8% std, 12-mo low - Performed 200+ security clearance checks; allowed members access to restricted areas; mission successful - Performed 25 flood light service insps during two jt intermodal ops; 237 helos redeployed--saved DoD $100M- Performed 26 identification friend or foe checks; averted overdue insps--contributed to FY13 **.*% MSE rate - Performed 46 main landing gear break changes--helped push deployed msn capability rate 10% above ACC std - Performed 58 maintenance actions that directly contributed to 336th AT impressive 94% in-commission rate - Performed 65 inspections and maintenance actions; key to flight's 95% in-commission rate--3.5K sorties flown - Performed 80 inspections/100+ maintenance actions--instrumental in flight's 96% average in-commission rate - Performed 89 inspections, 75 major/minor maintenance actions--contributed to flight's 96% in-commission rate - Performed 92 yearly inspections 80 major/minor maintenance actions--vital to flight's 96% in-commission rate - Performed emerg tow supervisor duties after tow bar separated--halted runaway acft/damage to $159M asset - Performed fleet equipment overhaul for 18 acft/reduced -21 discrepancies from 55 to 10--23 MXG ORI ready - Performed nitrogen servicing cart membrane modification; raised critical equipment in-commission rate 50% - Performed on the spot tripod jack pump replacement; ensured proper aircraft lowering--averted work stoppage - Performed on-the-spot axle jack repair; uninterrupted acft maintenance ensured sortie surge generation success - Performed Preflight during CORI-09; efforts garnered "zero-defect"--launched on time leading to wg success - Performed supervisor/refuel task; earned 100% pass rate by evaluators--key to units zero 2007 LSET findings - Performed Transient Alert mx controller duties; coordinated 47 a/c recoveries--successful '12 wing airshow - Performed urgent action TCTO; repaired damaged brake wiring--key to AETC Maintenance Daedalian Awd - Performs/supervises aircraft basic postflight, preflight, thruflight, walk around and other special inspections - Personally involved in up-grade/continuation training of 24 Crew Chiefs--maintained integrity of unit training - Persued BS in Business Mngmnt; completed 12 credit hrs--raised GPA to 3.6/enhanced professional skillset - Persued Education; completed Math/Speech crs/6 credit hrs w/ perfect 4.0 GPA--earned AFSC CCAF degree - Piloted 15 personal during OEF deployment; efforts led to 90.4% MC rate/ID 7 troops for "recce wrench" awd - Piloted preflt inspections; mentored 60+ mbrs on fltline stds/logistics--estab'd 2 MXS as "a force to be reckoned with" - Pin pointed actuator leak; replaced/ops checked sys--SOUTHCOM msn saved/secured 8.5 hrs of intel info - Pin-pointed air cycle machine malfunction; troubleshot/replaced mixing valve--factor in unit's 77% MC rate - Pin-pointed brake leak during "red ball" mx--changed component in 30 min vs. std 60 min--msn launch restored - Pin-Pointed improper ADTU cannon plug hardware; rapidly replaced defective parts--prevented FOD to $20M asset - Pin-pointed leaking brake; retorqued hydr line--averted possible fire/saved $189K in acft parts/380 man-hrs - Pinpointed crack/damage on aft wing spar; assisted in repair--raised available knowledgeable personnel 10% - Pinpointed cracked acft fuel vent mast during thru-flight; R2'd mast

- Safety conscious; dispatched 250 pieces of AGE in support of F-15E aircraft--maintained safety standards - Safety guru; complies critical monthly safety briefing insuring 100% of squadron personel are well informed- Salvaged accessory drive gear from turn-in engine for depot level repair of local equipment--saved AF $119K - Savvy computer skills; frequently performed scheduler duties for flight--decreased scheduling errors by 10% - Scored 99%/90% on both 7-level upgrade end of course exams--"Coined" by Wg Command Chief for success - Scrutinized 6,363 automated mx data inputs; corrected data integrity rate to 0.3%--exceeded ACC std by 2% - Scrutinized equip level rqmts; ID'd tank tester balance errors/haulted turn-in process--averted $176K shortfall - Scrutinized maint documentation process; reviewed >4K inputs/reduced DIT error rate to 1%--smashed 3% std - Scrutinized/fixed 112 PRDs; expertise enabled six B-crs grads/45 IPUGs--gp earned AETC's Mx Daedalian Trophy- Sealed spoiler swivel leak before launch--met HHQ sortie--contributed to 86% on-time takeoff rate in FY '06 - Section spark plug; provided energy to complete all tasks--earned SSgt in 4 years--promotion well deserved! - Section trng monitor; scheduled 3K trng events for 84 prsnl--promoted MXG's stellar 95% TSE/UTE, Apr-Jun - Secured Ali Al Salem AB--apprehended terrorist suspect from attempting base entry--coined by 386 AEW/CC - Security Force augmentee; provided armed protection for AOR VIPs/DVs--eradicated possible terrorist acts - Seized training opportunity; ID'd bad oil supply tube during inspection...led three Amn on R2 task/halted mx block - Selected as Resiliency Trng Assistant; taught two sq/three FTAC CAF classes--instilled resiliency mindset/330 prsnl - Selected by LM for in-flight throttle fail; ID'd/replaced faulty ATQA--acft FMC $328,197 - Spearheaded weekly inspections of four vehicles; crucial to 335 AGE Team quarterly 100% vehicle pass rate - Special Inspection Teams during NORI 10-3; discovered and corrected 73 discrepancies--promote to SSgt - Spotlighted ESD program deficiency; developed training/test procedures--selected as "Top Support Technician" July - Spotted engine oil leak on start prior to critical HHQ sortie launch--pinpointed/repaired leak--met acft take-off - Spotted gouged axle during brake change--spearheaded mx/replaced six hrs ahead of std--saved ISR trng msn - Spotted ground power unit fuel leak--shutdown/removed generator from acft area--averted fire hazard to equip - Spotted leaking brake prior to flt--replaced in 35 mins--key to on-time SOUTHCOM deployment departure - Spotted/coor'd cracked main gear door repair--eliminated dropped object--key to five aircrew training msns - Spotted/replaced main gear tire w/separated cord body--eliminated blown tire/high-speed abort/acft damage - Spotted/tightened leaking brake line during launch--averted possible fire--catalyst to 26 aircrew members qual - Sprvd build up of 5 QEC kits; fixed 480 mx actions/coord'd 96 discreps w/4 flts--safeguarded $1.5M in depot-lvl rprs - Spt'd KAB first RQ-4 diverts; oversaw tool acquisition prior to MRT arrival--expedited rtn of msn crit assets to AOR - Spt'd rare mtg b/t EUCOM cmdr & top Russia Gen; chg'd faulty ACP w/crew in seats--dissuaded aggression toward US - Spurred defuel TO edit; ID'd tank qty rqmt off by 10K lbs/coord'd fix w/Boeing--abated mx delays on 4 C-40s/3 Cmds - SQ EET Lead on 4 local OREs; planned/eval'd 500 Amn in 4 flts--strengthened unit readiness for '11 WG ORI - Sq's increment monitor; mngd spare eng/trailer shipment for Ex RED FLAG--ensured Sq's mx readiness/msn success- Standout performance--jumped in & assisted propulsion shop w/60/120-hr insp--earned Recce Wrench Award - Staunch; coordinated 2K+ drivers' runs and service inspections--no missed sorties due to lack of equipment - Steadfast attention to detail; valued asset as AGE driver; identified/fixed 50 defects--reduced backlog by 15% - Steered '08 ORE Tiger Team insp; led 10 personnel/generated seven acft--factor in sqaudron's excellent rating - Steered TODO prgm through major host name migration; maint 22 e-tools/677 TO files/zero trng disruptions - Stellar ADCC; assigned jet boasted 90% MC rate/beat 78% CAF std--AMXS Crew Chief of the Month Sep 12 - Stellar mechanical skills; accomplished assigned tasks with excellent attiude and consistent quality results - Stellar NCO; expertly maintained flight's war wallets; ensured 86 personnel records ready for deployments - Stellar performer in every aspect of duties; displayed outstanding leadership/airmanship skills--promote - Stellar performer--seven flawless QA evaluations--instrumental to 38 AMU's 96% pass rate--promote now! - Stepped up as AVI expediter; led 15 prsnl/drove 4.1K mx actions/253 PRD repairs--earned unit NCO of the Qtr awd- Stepped up as expediter; led completion of 2 HPO/5 brake replacements--contributed to 83% OTTO March '07 - Stepped up as swing shift NCOIC; organized 93 mx actions/54 insps--vital to AGE flt 90% in-commission rate- Stepped up during sister flt manning shortfall; prepped COBRA BALL acft in 1.5 hrs--made HHQ msn success - Sterling performer; exceptional skills--twice selected as AGE Flt SNCO and Maint Professional of the Quarter - Stood above peers; hand-selected over 22 NCOs as Dedicated Crew Chief on 74 FS coveted flagship 8-0674 - Stood up alternate support section; relocated 336 items to building 928--maintained accountability of SE worth $25K - Streamlined familiarization class lesson plan; re-vamped 12 tasks--trained/qualified 124 users on equipment - Strengthened 13 A-10C muns pylons per TCTO specs; drilled/installed modified lower ribs--recovered $113K- Strict adherence to safety standards and tech data--received QA pass on refuel supervisor personal evaluation - Strong contributor; achieved superior levels of personal performance/accomplishment--promote to TSgt now - Strong leadership and focused management led section an unprecedented 99% equipment in-commission rate - Strong, success driven NCO; exhibited steadfast leadership traits/fostered teamwork--promote when eligible! - Subject-matter expert; instruct'd four VHF radio op trng sessions/8 students qual'd--reinforc'd quality trng goals - Successfully completed Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Course; ahead of schedule with 89% overall - Superb Airman; completed 700 back shop deliveries and technical support--direct impact on 25K flying hours - Superb attention to detail; performed flawless preflight insp--rated "zero defects" from ACC LSET evaluators - Superb flight line dispatcher; completed over 1.5K deliveries--directly contributed to 2.5K successful sorties - Superb IFE actions; led emergency ground egress/safed acft/pin-pointed bad cooling fan--24 flt mbrs protected - Superb management skills; trained six new QA inspectors--completed solid 100% initial training 15 days early - Superb msn feat; upheld med-evac op--arranged acft/extracted critically wounded soldiers--four lives saved - Superb mx leadership forged 1,713 world-wide sorties/13,863 flying hrs--key to 94% msn effectiveness rate - Superb NCO! Leads subordinates/peers by example--epitomizes our Air Force Core Values--promote ASAP! - Superb performer; exceptional foreign object inspections led to flight receipt of 4 FW "Golden Washer" award - Superb response flt line crisis; towed two acft beyond fuel spill hazard--safed area & $195M asset - Superb trainer; tutored five troops on critical tasks; ensured 100% on-time completed workcenter requirements - Superb--rapidly serviced propeller when low oil light illuminated during start; crucial NVG tng msn complete! - Superior insp/mechanical skills--maintained assigned acft to 79% MC rate--produced 1,093 flt hrs/103 sorties - Superior maintainer; accumulated 8 PE/QVI passes/100% QA pass rate in 2013--earned 2nd Qtr QA Honor Roll - Superior maintenance efforts enabled the 55 AMXS to capture the 05 ACC Maintenance Effectiveness Award - Superior maintenance technician--personifies professionalism for peers to emulate--promote to TSgt ASAP! - Superior mentor; directed critical aircraft repair, increased unit Mx experience and returned aircraft to status ACC std - Supported OIF/OEF Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa--Protected 11K+ personnel/$9B in war assets - Supported Operation Taxi; provided security for over 196 host personnel/42 sites--enabled $29M AF projects - Supported wing's largest maint process; completed 10 ISO/9 HSC inspections; completed 12K+ maint actions- Supports close-air support, interdiction, anti-armor, forward air control and combat search & rescue missions - Sustained readiness training; enabled short notice tasking/deployed 185 total days--enhanced UDM's flexibility - Swiftly replaced leaking quick disconnect on only C-130 nose jack; unit immediately utilized for aircraft repair - System expert! Spearheaded removal of gear truck; validated by QA w/zero defects, saved $950 man-hr costs!


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