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Oh No No

When Morton needed someone to play the piano part on the song, he asked a young player who happened to be in the building that day to jump on the song. That 15-year-old was the piano man himself, Billy Joel.

Oh No No

Nevertheless, Shadow got his hit, the song landed at No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has since been covered by Aerosmith and sampled endlessly over the last five decades. Whether chopped up, pitched up, or sampled, the girl group anthem lives on.

Oh No Ono was a musical quintet from Aalborg, Denmark. The band was formed in 2003 by Kristoffer Rom (drums), Kristian Olsen (keyboards, etc.), Malthe Fischer (vocals, guitar and samples) and Aske Zidore (guitar, vocals, samples).

On their debut album Yes, the band, which has grown from 4 to 5 members since its beginning (with the addition of Nis Svoldgaard on bass), mixed old virtues with a modern sound and production, creating a mix of alternative pop, electroclash, funk and new wave. The vocals of Malthe Fischer move insistently on top of a collage of synthesizers, organ, syncopated guitars, slap bass and a tight cyber-funk groove. Yes was produced by Jesper Mortensen & Oh No Ono and it was recorded in Deltalab, Thomas Troelsen's studio where some of the most recognized Danish and international artists have recorded their material.

Eggs was released in Denmark on April 20, 2009 by the mysterious label 01-11700170[2] in collaboration with Morningside Records. Eggs was recorded over a period of 9 months in various Danish studios & churches. The band also experimented with recording in unusual places like forests, beaches, abandoned factories etc. and with building their own effects using contact microphones on different materials. Oh No Ono produced Eggs themselves.

Beautifully illustrated repetitive board book on a topic that all children love, poo-poo! Filled with functional consonant-vowel consonant-vowel words, you won't believe where Colby's dino goes potty! This well-thought-out book is written by a speech-language pathologist with the acquisition of speech and language in mind.

Products may be returned within 10 days of purchase. Return postage is the responsibility of the customer. Refund will be made once the product has been returned to the warehouse and has been determined unused.


Products may be returned within 15 days of purchase. Products must be unopened (plastic still intact). Return postage is the responsibility of the customer. Refund will be made once the product has been returned to the warehouse and has been determined unopened and unused.

Michael Woodrow Jackson (born November 6, 1978), known professionally as Oh No, is an American rapper and record producer who has released several albums on Stones Throw Records. He is half of the hip hop duo Gangrene along with The Alchemist. He is also half of the hip-hop duo The Professionals with his brother Madlib.

Michael Woodrow Jackson[1] was born on November 6, 1978, in Oxnard, California. He grew up in a family that was predominantly focused towards music at a wide spectrum, being the younger brother of hip hop artist Madlib, son of singer Otis Jackson, and nephew of jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis.[2][3]

Oh No started performing with his group Kali Wild and was featured on his brother's group Lootpack's album Soundpieces: Da Antidote. Oh No was signed to Los Angeles-based Stones Throw Records who released his debut album, The Disrupt, in 2004. Around this time he also performed on numerous singles by other artists, and began doing freelance production work for labelmates Wildchild, MED (Nickolas Rodriguez) and others. He has gone on to produce for Juggaknots, De La Soul, Murs and various other artists.

In August 2006, Oh No released the album Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, exclusively sampling the music of Galt MacDermot[4] and featuring appearances from numerous other rap artists, mostly in the Stones Throw family. The album was well received by critics and established Oh No as one of the leading underground producers in hip-hop. In 2007 he released Dr. No's Oxperiment to rave reviews. The album was entirely constructed using samples of Turkish, Lebanese, Greek and Italian music.

Oh No remains an avid gamer, even constructing an entire beat out of video game samples for the track "The Ride" off of The Disrupt. In 2009, Oh No remixed several songs for the soundtrack of the U.S. limited edition version for Arc System Works' 2D fighting game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. The same year, he released the album Dr. No's Ethiopium, made entirely of samples of Ethiopian music.[5] In 2013, Oh No produced the original score for the video game Grand Theft Auto V, in collaboration with The Alchemist, Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson.[6]

A nightly scroll of TikTok can land viewers on quite a few videos that have the same familiar tune of oncoming doom. It's known by TikTok users as the "Oh No" song, although its real name is "Remember (Walking in the Sand)." The "Oh No" song is commonly used in videos that lead up to moments when people might say "oh no." For example, a video with 11 million views showed a cat about to fall into a bathtub. Another video with more than 7 million views featured a grandmother tipping over in a chair.

As a quick refresher for those unfamiliar with TikTok, the video platform features brief clips of funny, exciting, interesting, and scary things. Users can watch videos on the mobile app or view clips on the TikTok website. When using the app, users scroll up a seemingly endless number of times to go to new videos. Scrolling down goes back to videos already watched. Videos can be liked, commented on, and shared, and creators who post videos can be followed. Video creators have the option of featuring a variety of music over their clips. What makes the app different than YouTube is that the platform's clips are all short. Also, TikTok videos are meant to be watched vertically.

It's true that Aerosmith featured the "Oh No" song on its 1979 album, "Night in the Ruts." However, the band did not write "Remember (Walking in the Sand)." Aerosmith also wasn't the first to record it, nor was the band's version of the song the one that was sped up for use on TikTok.

Readers may be more familiar with The Shangri-Las hit song, "Leader of the Pack." However, because of TikTok, suggested searches on Google and YouTube showed that "Remember" became the most looked-up song for the band in late 2020.

The remix was often attributed to artists including Capone and Kreepa, although it appeared Kreepa's version was a remix of Capone's remix. The lyrics appeared to have been moved around for the remix, and go like this in TikTok videos:

In summary, while it's true that Aerosmith once recorded the "Remember" cover of the "Oh No" song that would one day be included on millions of TikTok videos, the version that appeared on TikTok was a remix of the original 1964 recording by The Shangri-Las.

Oh No! Eighteen (O.N.E.) is a free program for youth who have been in care during their teen years for at least 30 days, including foster care, residential treatment programs, group homes or other residential care services.

This group of youth meet weekly to discuss topics such as goal setting, employment, housing options, post-secondary and money management. Youth attending the 18-week ILS program (60 curriculum hours) may be eligible for 0.5 high school credits.

C-3P-Oh no! is the fifth story mission in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga's Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. This walkthrough covers how to complete each of its three Level Challenges, collect all five Minikits, and earn True Jedi Rank to achieve 100%.

At the very beginning of the level, you'll take cover as a UA-TT walker puts its searchlight on the ground. Lean out of cover (ensuring you don't walk into the cone of vision), and shoot at the spotlight to temporarily disable it and complete this challenge.

After defeating the first room of troopers, you'll see a spot on the right-hand side in a raised alcove where you're meant to have a Force user (Rey) move the blocks nearby to allow you to reach the zipline above. Whilst you can do that, you can actually do this simply by standing on the raised section of the alcove and performing a well-timed double jump to gravitate towards the zipline, letting you grab the Minikit in front of you.

After encountering the Kijimi Crooks, run down the right-hand side of the area and you'll see a circular window with a crack in it, and a visible Minikit. Jump onto the pipes to the right, and use that to platform and double jump up into the open space and grab the Minikit.

You'll eventually enter a large courtyard with a number of spotlights and stormtroopers. This challenge requires you to clear the courtyard without setting off any alarms. Seemingly a difficult task, but this can be easily worked around by following a specific strategy: Head along the right-hand side and defeat a few of the troopers by staying out of their cones of vision, staying behind them and sneak attack. Pick up the pieces of their uniforms and once you are in full disguise, take out the officer manning the terminal on the right. You can use the terminal because you're in disguise, and completing the minigame there will send all troopers out of the courtyard and will complete the challenge in the process.

As you progress through the courtyard, just before entering the glowing doorway, you'll be able to Force lift the block onto the ground section nearby. Jump from it onto the handles above, then shimmy around to get the Minikit on the roof.

This challenge requires you to complete the entire level without being detected. This means no detection via vision cones from troopers or spotlights, and if you follow the guide above you can easily accomplish this; just ensure when the patrol of troopers comes down the steps earlier in the level, you don't leave your barrel disguise till they're gone. 041b061a72


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