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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

Digsi 4.84 [BEST]

The story is one SIPROTEC Protection relay originally was configured by Digsi 4.84 and CFC 7.1. someone has used Digsi 4.6 and CFC 8 to do some changes in configurations and now CFC is saved by version 8 and now is not compatible with current system.

digsi 4.84

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I have a question about DIGSI 4 versions. We have substations made with different DIGSI versions 4.84,4.86,4.88 and other...Can i make changes in these different configuration versions with only one DIGSI 4.93?

This I know, but if everything will be ok with the IEC 61850 protocol signals? Because when I opening for example 4.84 project with DIGSI v4.93 it converts the IEC station, removing time server and making other changes. Is it safe to upload converted IEC station to the relay? We don't want to lose signals from/to SCADA.

The advantages of using DIGSI 4.86 or higer version is more easier to creater report control block and in a single dataset may contains more than one report control block in a single click. Unlike in DIGSI 4.84 or lower version, each dataset is for one report control block.


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