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Jeff is an Intuitive, Certified Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher and Integrated Energy Practitioner. He has drawn on his Celtic and Pagan Heritage to create and design his own unique personalized oracle/tarot reading influenced by the elements and how they interact with your life.


He weaves his passion for symbols and crystals into this unique and personalized experience for his clients to guide them to explore what spirit is helping them to discover and make more visible at this time to guide them. 


Jeff is a Gentle Celtic Warrior and his approach is personalized and creative, as he guides clients to focus on the power of positive thinking to overcome and break negative patterns.


Jeff Kelley


Bellator Nocte


Has been working with Soul Synergy for the last 5 years. Bellator Nocte uses her unique, educated perspectives on science and spiritualism to elevate the lives of her clients in a practical, down to earth and yet deeply spiritual way.


She provides Intuitive Guidance through the blended medium of the cards and a long-standing relationship with her animal guides. Bellator Nocte contributes several of her personal crystal jewelry designs to our shop so feel free to check it out or contact her directly.

Contact Bellator Nocte
If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact her directly at:
Phone/Text:  289-260-3034

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