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Get to Know Sue!

Life is about the stories we live and the transitions we experience throughout our lifetimes.


I have a very successful career as a Mental Health Professional, Educator, Speaker, Spiritual Entrepreneur who has been working with children, families, parents and professionals in our community for over 35 years.

As a Certified Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher and, Energy Practitioner.  I incorporate my intuitive and empathic gifts to connect and resonate with my clients in a very “personal”, meaningful  and genuine way.


Many of my personal Life Path experiences left me wondering What's Next. Frequently attempting to define me and direct me away from my true path and who I was.  Did they sidetrack me...absolutely!  Were they painful?  Absolutely? 

I am a survivor!  I leaned into my soul work! It was Hard! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


I found me in-between the pages of my own story...I was there all the time!  You are too! 

Our life experiences can build these negative beliefs up until we  become frozen unable to move or shift away from them. They become woven into our realities of who we believe ourselves to be.  But are we? 

Many things evolve out of our stories like shame, guilt, imposter syndrome, who do we think we are.  We get stuck between the pages of time in our own stories.  Unable to move ourselves forward.  We hold onto the beliefs and ideals that others have of us rather than realizing  our own strengths, passions and dreams and learning to step into our own personal power.  

Life Path Coaching is about People...My passion is people!  People have stories, people need to feel heard and validated. My approach is real and about helping you discover What's Next!


I look forward to meeting you!

Give me a call...Lets Connect 

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