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5 Degrees of Patience

1. The Age of Social Media

Ok, up until now I was pretty good at staying on top of the new advancements in the digital world. Then we decided to re-create our online presence for Soul Synergy. After some nail-biting, head pounding and the onset of several more grey hairs. We are finally ready to re-launch. I was a firm believer that I could figure it all out. Well I was wrong. I strongly recommend you finding someone to help you put things together if you want them to actually work that is. We wanted our new home on the web to be just right. So, we hope you like it and enjoy looking around.

2. New Job Titles

As 2018 began, my husband and I anxiously awaited the arrival of a precious little miracle that would change our lives in so many ways. Our little peanut, arrived late February and we haven’t looked back since. We officially became “Nanny & Pappy” ,it was a magical time to hold her in our arms. Love extends beyond all boundaries. Watching her grow this past year has been nothing short of miraculous. I don’t miss the late-night feedings, teething and tantrums but her infectious smile warms our heart and follows us home every time we visit. We can’t wait to begin to show her all the colours of the wind and the magic of the world.

3. Creating a Drive Through at the Pub

Set the scene, hot summer day, work pressures mounting – time for colleagues to take a well-deserved lunch out of the office. The local pub serves great food and we were looking for a relaxed spot to just cool off, relax and blow off some steam. My vehicle on the other hand had other plans. It decided to malfunction, putting my vehicle into high gear bolting it forward heading right for the pane glass windows. I swear someone was watching over us that day as somehow by the grace of the gods I was able to get it stopped before it broke the glass. Summer was officially de-railed- buying a new vehicle was not on the agenda. Patience was definitely a virtue as we maneuvered through that process, and now its time for winter tires! Moral of the story – drive throughs and pubs don’t’ mix!

4. Mother Natures Menopause

Soul Synergy was pumped and ready for a fantastic festival season. Full of high hopes we were more prepared than ever. Now we know we take our chances with outdoor events but mother natures menopausal fits this year were a little over the top. 45-degree heat waves with 96% humidity, rain storms galore s if Thor himself was coming to visit, blustery days that nearly carried us away to neverland, and the cold chills that well just bad to the bone. Despite everything it was a successful season, a few adjustments here and there and it was menopausal bliss! Remember – Always be prepared! We met incredible people and look forward to next years festival season.

5. Oh! Did I already say social media!

Sometimes life just throws us a monkey wrench, and we have to take time to pause and pull up our socks instead of floundering about. Embrace the opportunities you are given, each step along the way teaches us something about our journey. 2018, was all about patience for us. How about you?

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