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Nolan Reed

Firefox DownloadHelper 4.9 Converter Registration 45 ##TOP##

i have a bunch of issues with firefox, so i'm sticking with it. - the "upgrade" button is the biggest flaw. i can't use that button. - the firefox extension system is a mess. every time i install a new extension, it has to be uploaded to their server. - firefox sucks as a webpage builder. i use the microsoft html editor, and the html editing experience is better. - javascript is an inconsistent language. there are some things in javascript that work just fine, but others don't. it just doesn't work well. - i can't find the webpage i'm looking for. 99% of the time, the webpage is on the first page of google.

firefox DownloadHelper 4.9 converter registration 45

dear firefox development team i have been using firefox for more than two years and i like it very much. i like that it has a lot of useful features, and especially i like that it's free. in my opinion, you should seriously consider to create a standard folder for incoming messages, which would be separate from the mozilla folder. this would make more sense for me and other users, because our mailbox is located on a different machine. the folder name could be "incoming" and the name of this folder is enough. then, if i send you a new email, you could see it immediately, without having to open the firefox site. i already receive many important messages on my own computer, so i'm not expecting to see your messages on the site. please take this advice into consideration. thanks for your attention.

i think you are right and we should create a standard folder for incoming messages. it would be best if you could help us to choose a name. we would like to have this folder in the next major version of firefox. please help us to choose the name, and if you like, you can contact us directly. thanks,


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