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Check And Mate Felarya 1

Teleya meets with Ed, and unbeknownst to him orders that he be returned to his ship so he can escape, but Ed is intercepted en route by a group of Krill who support the Union alliance, and they reveal that he has a daughter with Teleya named Anaya, who is kept in seclusion to protect her from her people's xenophobia. Ed returns to confront Teleya, and she has him imprisoned again. Teleya assembles the Union delegation to publicly execute them, but they escape when Ed's Orville crew-mates in disguise as Krill soldiers stage a rescue. After a Union fleet arrives to rescue the delegation, Teleya orders the Krill fleet to engage. The Union delegation escape the planet and their fleet withdraws.[11]

Check and mate felarya 1

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(before anyone mention his death or the fact he never appear again in the original series, check his entry on the character page, for appearances, he is small enough, shouldn't be too hard to edit him in a shot or two.)

Buu being alive since the beginning of time yet never doing this before the series makes sense, as Kid Buu was always bent on either sleep or destruction and had no time for such ideas, and even after he absorbed the Grand Kaioshin and first became Fat Buu, Bibidi used his veiny-looking sealed ball to replicate and control the same pattern. But if Team Four Star want to be creative and tie back threads to material they've already introduced in the Abridged series, using the Majin race concept to tie up the narrative thread of the Albino Namekians seems like a slam dunk.


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