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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

Cities Skylines Pedestrian Paths Mod

the cities skylines pedestrian paths mod adds a new pedestrian path that you can use to move around the maps. the path is 100% optional, so you can add it to any city if you like. the paths do not effect the core gameplay, but they add a new way to traverse the maps.

Cities Skylines Pedestrian Paths Mod

if you want to add new roads, you can just create a new folder in the mod directory and start placing the files. you can edit the files and add new paths, delete paths, edit the names of the paths, etc.

all of the old pedestrian icons are repaint from the z-path-icons mod. the only icons that have been repaint are from the z-path-icons mod. here are the links: if you want to make new icons you will need to repaint the old icons to match the new icons. here is the link to a tutorial on how to repaint them:

  • the city of chicago is really great and incredibly fun to play around in, but the city has some problems: there is no pedestrian paths, so its pedestrians follow straight roads and can't reach the sidewalk

  • there are no pedestrian paths, so you can't reach the places where the city doesn't have sidewalks

  • there are no pedestrian paths, so there is a lot of zig-zagging on the city, which makes for a lot of random driving, and the city gets pretty messy

  • also, now that pedestrians can reach the sidewalk, i was able to add some cool things to the city: there is now a pedestrian tunnel connecting the train station to the river

  • there are paths connecting to the waterways, and for the trains to reach the river


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